{NEW} 500+ Attitude Status For Whatsapp, Best Whatsapp Status 2020.

Whatsapp status is very popular in todays world, Everyone is like to set there favorite shyari and lines in the status. And most of the peoples are likey to set video whatsapp status. And here 30 seconds of video you can show in your status feed. 

So here wonderfull 500+ attitude whatsapp status that you can copy and paste in your status feed.  

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Best Attitude whatsapp status.

There is neither blessing nor medicine, where there is my strength as well as my secret.

This blood is a little proud, because we are a beautiful family. 😎 😎 😎

Our name is not so weak … so that the voices of two or four enemies are maligned.

There has been silence for a while…. Then there will be noise in the ears… your only time is… our phase will come .. phase 😏 😏

Whether the face is beautiful or not, we do not know, from the heart we are beautiful.

My salute to those who remember me… Many thanks to those who forgot me.

He is the secret of beauty, I am the King of Attitude. Sour and sweet our love story

Being away from the crowd has made real life fun … and while at Attitude, we also gave you, the punishment to get away from us

In this world, we have our own position … whether it is the enemy or the world occupies everyone’s heart.

Not only clothes, but thinking should be branded as well


New Whatsapp Attitude Text and Video Status

Nowadays everyone becomes their own, but only by talk.

Your time will be precious, but we are also precious, not everyone gets it.

You make my style, my habit of copying .. no artist bigger than me, you accept this.

Death comes to everyone, not everyone knows how to live on friends.

You’re smart, but that’s a good thing, but don’t think me stupid, that’s a better thing.

Nowadays, relationships are broken not by lying but by telling the truth.

Children show attitude; We show people their status.

People who used to say that I am afraid of colors, I have seen them changing colors every moment.

Your drama will not work in my city… .. Here I am very famous in America as Obama America.

I have a strange habit and a sense of wonder, I hate it or I love it very hard 😎


English Attitude Whatsapp Text Status

See, my shoes are also cleaner than yours.

Do not consider life so cheap that 2 people from Penny come and play with your life

When the time comes, you will also pick up your gun, press the trigger and shoot, and also rule what people say… .. “the world”.

I am upset that I have to agree that my head is not inclined to fit.

The whole world has started burning …… because our name has started shaking.

I don’t adulterate like people, 100% I love or hate anything.

Do not tear your eyes, relax the heart, pay attention to what I see

I have no sword and plinth-crown, I rule the hearts of people with my skill and laughter.

No matter how deep the wound is, I am sure… .. So with your wound, I feel proud.

Seeing the silence of the waves, do not understand that there is no rain in the sea…. Whenever we wake up we will rise as a storm…. Just not ready to get up

Time is not visible, but it shows a lot.


Royal Attitude Whatsapp Status Download

We are not fond of being in discussions, so what do we discuss about everything?

Before we were there, tomorrow we will remain, neither will we be able to take any place of our own nor will we be able to take its place.

There is no collision in today’s date … so the words in our praise are reduced.

The name is not made in one day, but it is made one day.

The mirror is very weak, but does not panic showing the truth.

If your relationship with sky is strong, then… people connected with the land cannot spoil you…

You are busy with your Guru… .I am also busy in the beginning of my Attitude.

What will scare me to death, we are born in a slum

Our mood is also something like sea water .. salty, but pure.

Do as much as you can… Look at the day when we will not see.

I have put some people to talk behind the scenes … nothing they honestly do


Attitude Status In English For Whatsapp

People who hate me keep doing what i love most

I want to meet the sky, not at the height, ask him to come down!

Our style and attitude are different, if you go to compete, you will be sold …

Do not talk behind my back in the corner… otherwise life will just pass in crying

What is that option One who would have to change himself to like it …

You think I’m wrong, I’m right, that’s why you’re right, because I’m a little different …

Not the one that will be closed… I get used to it.

You don’t talk to me, it’s a sign of hate or fear of falling in love

Shut up .. no one cares if someone cries here

If there is no trust in the network and relationships among mobile people often start playing games in

Some people are like dumplings, if they don’t pay a little attention, they get burnt.

Learn to believe that the whole world doubts …


Best Attitude Status for Whatsapp & Facebook

Do not give cleanliness to everyone… you are a human being. No Detergent Powder 😎 😎 😎

True love is not from the face but from the heart, who are saying that after some time they are asking for a photo ..

Nowadays there is only one thing left, trust people and break your heart, then say sorry one one

If someone is silent it does not mean he does not know how to speak, maybe he believes in slapping it !!

Wealth is inherited, but identity has to be built on its own.


Latest Attitude Status for Boys & Girls

Often the love of appearances makes noise, true love is limited by gestures.

The only decision in life is to burn the enemy and convince your angry

Should I write a line for my mother … Mother has made a lion …

Love suddenly falls, what is done thoughtfully is called setting.

Who will be able to stop our souls, if an enemy comes, it will only rain from the eyes.

Our hobby is to keep guns, even children insist.

Sometimes innocent-looking people come in and out with a lot of bastards. 😉 😉 😉

We look at the enemy’s position and tell him its location. 😉 😉 😉

Do not expect too much from our eyes, we are used to seeing with love …

Do not look at me or else I will look like this, let go of your ego and live your life in a different way

Put strength in your words, not in voice because rain comes from clouds, not from flood.

Keep your identity silent, time will tell your name ,,,


Attitude Status for Whatsapp in English

They live nearby, but are not together … Some people are jealous that I just don’t blow 😎 not

Nobody is our enemy in this world, but if anyone sees it at first glance…. Hold your heart, or shake hands.

Don’t even look with your eyes, which my heart doesn’t do, forcibly shaking hands, it’s not about me …

No one can do any work on the power of others, who can dominate on their own. That’s us 😏 😏

At least, selfishness was also natural, he didn’t talk, so we left.

Keep your precious reply after 2 days, I don’t want 2

The rainy pranks teach us that people who get ‘wings’ are guests for a few days….

Hatred is not cheap enough to make you laugh enough

There was no way for him to sit, which I put on the head. 😉 😉 😎 😉

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